After renting an apartment for a while, most renters face the inevitable question of when is the right time to upgrade to a larger unit? The reasons that people upsize their apartments are as varied as each individual, but this move isn’t always a guarantee of happiness. How can you tell when the time is right for this move? Read on to discover a few good indicators and a few things to consider instead.

What Are the Signs You Should Upsize?

There are a few clear and compelling reasons to upgrade the number of bedrooms or your square footage. One of the most common is growing your family. Whether you’re expecting a new baby or your older kids can’t share a bedroom any more, most families need to expand at some point.

But other indicators are more subtle. Have you grown tired of your apartment’s lack of functionality or storage space? Is your stuff piling up and making comfortable usage difficult? Perhaps you could just use amenities available in larger or more luxurious units — things like balcony or patio space, a separate dining room, or a washer and dryer. A more functional space can make even a temporary home feel like home.

Couples or roommates may also find that a larger apartment makes their lives easier. If you’re not in each other’s way all the time or having to share too much stuff in common, you might just get along better and enjoy sharing a home more — even if you spend a little more to get there.

What Should You Try Before Upsizing?

As mentioned, though, upgrading the size of your housing doesn’t solve all problems. Nor is it even beneficial in all cases. So the best move is to carefully analyze your goals and determine if other solutions might be even better and easier.

A couple who has too much stuff for their current apartment, for instance, might upgrade to more space but end up stretching their housing budget a little too far. Stress from the lack of space could turn into stress from more bills and less disposable income. And when you get a bigger home, you’ll spend more filling it, taking care of it, and fixing it.

Before moving to a larger apartment, then, it’s good to consider other solutions. If you have too many belongings, can you purge some of them instead? If not, a nearby storage unit could take the overflow and free up existing floor space. And new parents may find that their size needs don’t explode quite as quickly as they expect to happen. Instead of jumping the gun, wait until nature tells you the right time.

If you do have specific issues you need to fix, such as a kitchen that’s too small, do you really just need a different floor plan? You might need more kitchen space, but are you underutilizing the dining room or do you never go out on the balcony? If so, look for an apartment layout that expands what you need without expanding what you don’t need — and keeps costs from ballooning unnecessarily.

Where Can You Start?

Whatever the reason that you’re considering an upgrade to a larger apartment, the best way to begin is to learn more about the options available to you. Kansas City renters will find a variety of choices at Crossroads Westside Apartments.

With floor plans ranging from 670 to 1,250 square feet and many different layouts, you’re sure to find the right solution — whether it’s larger than your current home or just a better fit. Call today to make an appointment, or visit our website to see more.