When renting an apartment, the last thing you want to worry about is too much compromise. Apartment hunting is an exciting experience, but you should know what to look for and how to make the most out of your apartment search. These four apartment features can make your life easier and help you thrive each day.

1. Parking Options

When you go to your apartment, you shouldn’t have to worry about where you need to park and start competing for a parking spot. As you shop for apartments, look into the available parking for renters. Some renters may receive a guaranteed spot for the apartment. If you do not have a spot, then look into nearby parking options.

For example, a parking garage could be near the apartment complex. Garages could offer monthly or annual rates that guarantee you a spot. When the stress of parking is removed, you can commute to work, run errands, and take your car out without worrying about where to park each time you return back to the apartment.

2. Delivery Service Radius

Restaurants and grocery stores often feature delivery services. You can have items delivered directly to your apartment or to your apartment lobby. One element to consider is the delivery radius around the apartment building you select. Before renting an apartment, go to multiple delivery service apps and enter the apartment address.

Once you enter the address, see which restaurants and businesses will deliver to the apartment. If an apartment is too far away from key businesses, then you lose out on the potential deliveries. When you find an apartment with a nice delivery radius, then your options expand. You could have groceries and meals delivered daily if you choose.

The delivery radius also gives you a good idea of the restaurants in the area. You can check out the available cuisine, read reviews, and know what food options to consider.

3. Bike Storage Units

In many cases, apartments do not have excess storage space, but you may not be limited to the space just in the apartment. As you check out the amenities at apartment complexes, look for bike storage options. Bike storage allows you to keep your bike at floor level and eliminate it from taking space up at your apartment.

When you rent a city apartment, a bike allows you to quickly travel to areas without a car. A bike storage area removes the awkwardness of carrying a bike up the stairs or lugging it into an elevator. You also do not need to worry about debris on bike wheels getting into your apartment.

The extra bike storage space will help you maintain a smaller living space comfortably.

4. Food Pantry

Counter space is often limited in an apartment, so you want to find areas to store food products and other kitchen items. One way to easily reduce clutter and stay organized is with an apartment that includes a food pantry. The small closet will make it a lot easier to store extra groceries and keep track of food.

You will not need to stuff cabinets and can properly organize items like spices, drinks, or extra cooking appliances. When you cook meals at home, everything is easy to find, and you will know exactly what ingredients you have to cook with. Food pantries will often include built-in shelves so you can place items and set up food the way you want.

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