As our planet evolves and goes through climate change, many people have become aware of their actions and how choices can make a negative or positive impact on the environment. As you look for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, consider a city-based apartment rental.

Apartments come with many advantages over houses, especially when you consider climate change and your carbon footprint. Learn about the advantages and easy ways an apartment rental will cut down on your daily energy use.

1. Walking

An apartment in the city offers a huge advantage in the form of walking. Many apartments are located close to stores, coffeehouses, and other businesses to serve your needs. You do not need to rely on a car or public transportation to easily reach businesses located a few blocks away.

One way to determine the walking options is to look up the official Walk Score for the apartment’s address. A Walk Score will grade the location and give you a detailed map of nearby locations. A map will determine your needs and ways to get around on a daily basis.

Expanded views of the neighborhood also offer options if you choose to ride a bike or scooter. Find places to visit like parks or restaurants all within a reasonable walking distance. The more you choose to walk, the more you will reduce your carbon footprint.

2. Apartment Size

The bigger space you own, the larger your carbon footprint will be. With each increase in square footage, you will have to heat or cool the area and use more electricity. When you shop for apartments, you want to find a space you’re comfortable in, but that doesn’t feel overindulgent. Decide how many rooms you truly need.

You could cut down a lot of extra electricity use if you go from a three-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom apartment. Also, look for apartment features that cut down on electricity and heating use. For example, an apartment with large glass sliding doors that lead to a balcony can provide natural light, extra heat, or some fresh air.

With the extra natural light, you will cut down on electricity use and further reduce the size of your carbon footprint.

3. Apartment Waste Programs

Many apartments understand the need to reduce waste and help the environment. As you shop for apartments, look for buildings with a focus on recycling and proper waste programs. Instead of a general garbage shoot, you could find apartment buildings with multiple recycling options including compost bins.

The programs will naturally encourage you to reduce waste and ensure items are properly recycled. Some apartments may supply bins so you can easily organize the items in your apartment before you bring the bins to specific locations.

4. Shared Community Areas

Shared community areas can help the environment in multiple ways. If an apartment complex has a shared community room, then multiple people can share the same exercise equipment, swimming pool, and other options without needing their own personal amenities. The community areas also reduce the need to travel to

An apartment rooftop could have a shared space used to reduce emissions. For example, a community garden could provide an area to grow trees in carbon monoxide and provides fresh air for the community. Some rooftops may also include solar panels to reduce traditional power needs.

Find out more about our modern apartment complex options at Crossroads Westside Apartments. We apartment you need and have multiple options available for you. You can reduce your carbon footprint and feel good on a daily basis for your actions.